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韦德体育官网 is the top trainer of teachers 和管理员 in New York State, 授予更高级的证书, 学士学位, and master’s degrees in the field of education than any other public or private college or university.

在过去的100年里, Saint Rose has helped shape the minds of thousands of educators, 辅导员, 学校心理学家, 言语病理学家, 和管理员, 建立热情的声誉, culturally competent graduates who are prepared to thrive in their careers. Hundreds of hours of fieldwork combined with expert instruction from faculty make our students’ top-choice candidates after graduation.

塞尔玛·P. 拉里教育学院 regularly receives phone calls from school districts and employers that are looking to fill job openings — are you ready to help bridge the gap?

我被告知韦德体育官网是“教学学校”,所以我一直幻想着能上这所学校. When I visited campus and felt the sense of community, I knew this was the school for me.

The class sizes were small, the people were kind, and the program was perfect for me."

Alexandra DelVecchio '21, 童年 / 特殊教育 Grades 1-6


B.S. 童年 education and special education (Grades 1-6 and SpEd 1-6 Cert)

我们的动态课程以理论和实践为基础, providing each student with a unique experience inside and outside of the classroom.

  • 作为一名本科生, you’ll graduate prepared to ace New York State certifications and with hundreds of hours of fieldwork needed to hit the ground running in your career and beyond.
  • 作为一名研究生, 你会提高你的技能,作为一个工作的专业人士, gaining the knowledge and experience needed to take the next steps in your career or start a new one.

我是一名社会工作者,在不同的项目中为孩子们服务, 比如青少年拘留中心, 住院治疗中心, and rapid intervention centers with the local Child Protective 服务. I loved working with children, but didn’t want to be in these particular settings anymore. School counseling aligned with my passion for working with children and assisting in teaching life skills.

它让我走上了实现终极目标的道路, 是开自己的艺术治疗和咨询中心吗, while allowing me to strengthen my counseling skills with children.”


Shariva里德 G'20

M.S.Ed. 学校心理咨询



Receive both your undergraduate and graduate degree in a compressed period of time!


梅沙·罗斯·波特, who made history in March 2021 by becoming the first Black female chancellor of the New York City schools, 是韦德体育官网的2015届毕业生吗 学区领导计划. Today, she’s president and CEO of The Bronx 社区 Foundation.



Whether they’re teaching science to elementary students or improving the lives of special education students — learn why these students 选择成为一名教师.

无论他们是在教室里教学, 领导一个学区, 帮助学生找到自己的路, or giving people the gift of speech — our school of education alumni make us proud. 下面是他们的一些故事:

塞尔玛·P. 拉里教育学院,麦迪逊大街1009号



塞尔玛·P. 拉里教育学院 provides an environment that enhances our students’ experiences.


Carl E. Touhey论坛

这个活动空间带来了重要的讲座, 面板, 还有来自世界各地的演讲者来到你的后院.

波林K. 温克勒语言听力诊所

This on-campus clinic provides a full range of diagnostic and therapy services for clients of all ages with all forms of communication problems, and serves as a space where Communication Science and Disorder students can learn from experience.



一个能容纳超过12个学生的课程图书馆,000 resources and hands-on materials to support undergraduate and graduate studies within 教育学院.



在多年将合格的学生送入该领域之后, Saint Rose receives phone calls from employers looking for job candidates. So, if you’re going to put one college’s name on your resume, it should be ours.


Our students participate in extensive student-teaching and fieldwork in professional settings that include Pre- K-12 schools, 大学, 心理咨询实践, 和波林K. 温克勒语言听力诊所.


学生’ pass rates on the New York State Teacher Certification Exams exceed New York State averages.


Our accelerated programs guarantee qualified first-year applicants acceptance into our graduate programs, 如:

  • 特殊教育
  • 传播科学与疾病
  • 临床心理健康咨询


Social justice and diversity are focal points of our programs and curriculums, 让学生做好与孩子一起工作的准备, 家庭, 以及不同背景的社区, 文化, 和语言.


The education school shares a supportive alumni network who are leaders at the local, 状态, 国家, and inter国家 level and serve as mentors to future 教育学院 graduates.


Expert faculty with years of experience in the field who will assist in finding you the perfect student teaching or field placement and provide one-on-one support from start to finish.

认识一下我们的教员: 我们的教员已经在这个领域出了名. 现在,他们想帮你做同样的事情.



Dr. 格里·洛伦兹——拉里教育学院代理院长


你是否梦想着教满教室的年轻人, 敏感的心灵, 帮助语言障碍找回自己的声音, 或者指导客户应对生活中的挑战和机遇, 你会在韦德体育官网成功的.

我们在教育领域的工作全国闻名, 学校心理学, 语言治疗, and we’re proud to say we grant more degrees and certificates in the field of education than any other college or university in New York State.

Our programs prepare students for the rigors of grad school and coveted career opportunities. 塞尔玛·P. 拉里教育学院 has cultivated strong relationships with many employers across New York, 因为我们位于奥尔巴尼的中心, we’re within walking distance of many student teaching and fieldwork opportunities (and our on-campus speech clinic).

研究生学习如何加强他们的实践, and career changers gain confidence in transitioning to a new field. We understand that for grad students especially, life gets in the way. Our expert faculty work one-on-one with each student to make sure they’re successful — failure is not an option.

但是,我们学校要做的不仅仅是让学生做好工作准备. 我们强调包容性和多样性, 教育我们的学生如何成为所有人的倡导者.

教育格局正在发生变化, and we’re up to the challenge of meeting the needs of the times (one of Saint Rose’s founding values), aiding our students with the knowledge and tools they need to face the future of education, 心理学, 或者语言病理学. 这是我们对你的承诺.

Dr. 格里洛伦兹
迪恩,塞尔玛·P. 拉里教育学院


当然,如果你有任何问题,请韦德体育官网. 我们是来帮忙的.