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How does the Academic Opportunity Experience help students succeed at Saint Rose?

The Academic Opportunity Experience (AOE) is designed to admit first-year students who demonstrate high potential for success yet are not admissible under general admission criteria. 入院后, AOE provides academic support to these students throughout their careers at Saint Rose. The goal: completion of a college degree for those who may have believed it beyond their reach.


  • AOE Transition Experience- During the AOE First Year Launch, students participate in academic workshops, 辅导会议, and related activities to support their adjustment to Saint Rose.
  • Tutoring- AOE students receive tutoring at no additional cost throughout their time at Saint Rose. Depending on need and availability, tutoring takes place individually or in groups through the Academic Success Center.
  • Academic Counseling- 学生 are assigned an Academic Counselor to assist them throughout their college career. The counselor arranges referrals to personal, career, and financial counseling as needed. 学生 who self-identify with a documented disability must register with the Office of 服务 for 学生 with Disabilities for each semester to receive accommodations in their courses.
  • 项目 and Workshops- AOE students can attend educational workshops and social programs on a variety of topics.